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Matching class with star signs: The best models from each zodiac sign

Kristin Hoppe


Matching class with star signs: The best models from each zodiac sign

Some people are obsessed with star signs and their meanings. Can you really tell if someone is a Leo or a Pisces based purely off of their clothing? Whether you believe it or not, it’s always fun to know which models are born when and whether their star sign characteristics genuinely manifest in their real-world personalities. Check out the following list to find out.


Aries individuals are well-known for their energy and passion, meaning you’ll generally see them wearing some bold clothing options. They don’t mess about when it comes to fashion and often their clothing is practical. Who embodies this? Well, Kristen Stewart, the start of the hit film series, “The Twilight Saga”, is an Aries and we can certainly see this in her down-to-earth fashion choices at past film premieres.


What makes Leos so great? Well, they are genuinely confident, while loving any attention they get. When it comes to fashion, this means they are all for the extensive, bold patterns and bright colours that are synonymous with contemporary fashion. It’s no surprise that Cara Delevingne encapsulates this mantra, given her love for vibrant, out-there fashion pieces.


Cancers are meant to be creative and sensitive, while also being sentimental. Because of this, they seem to love vintage pieces, or anything that has a great story behind it. Gisele Bundchen radiates this charm with her love of soft, feminine pieces that seek to echo her role in activism.


Last but not least, Pisces models are dreamers. They are creative, romantic, kind and have great intuition. This often culminates in loose, airy clothing and lots of artsy accessories. German model, Kristin Hoppe, who has been modeling for close to a decade, has been embodying this style for many years.


Scorpios are usually seductive, dynamic and intuitive. This is generally translated into their love for intense colours, like dark purple or crimson. Because of this, their clothes often bring a hint of sex appeal. Oscar-winning actress and model, Anne Hathaway, perfectly captures the stereotypical Scorpio style.


Taurus people are often hardworking and driven – they’re all about choosing classic clothing options that will last. Rather than embracing some of the new trends in the fashion industry, Taurus models are more likely to gravitate towards more traditional, established pieces. Australian superstar model, Miranda Kerr, is all about this given her love for scarves.


Sagittarius models are unlike many others – they love comfort, honesty and being carefree. This means they often don’t have a set, distinct style, but instead love to play around with a variety of looks. The iconic Tyra Banks is possibly the most well-known Sagittarius model in the world, given her contributions to the industry.


Gemini models are known for being quirky and a little eccentric. This type of mood often manifests itself in varied clothing looks, meaning Gemini models will often change their preferences depending on their mood. Emily Ratajkowski certainly embodies this look, given her trendy styles and versatile looks.


Virgos are well-known for being highly observant and considerate, meaning even their most “casual” attire is often layered with hidden detail and meaning. Nothing is ever over the top or too revealing, which is why Blake Lively succinctly embodies all these typical Virgo qualities.


Your typical Libra model will have a sincere and genuine style. They are a sucker for romantic styles and don’t mind luxury. A Libra model loves wearing soft shades of ivory or light blue. It’s no surprise then that supermodel Candice Swanepoel is the perfect Libra model, underscored by her obvious love for subtle, yet glamorous looks.


Aquarius models are free-thinkers – they are independent non-conformist, meaning they are often some of the most seminal trendsetters in the industry. Dutch model Doutzen Kroes is probably the perfect example of this fashion style.

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