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TS Laela Knight answers questions you always want to ask a pornstar

Ts Laela Knight
Ts Laela Knight


TS Laela Knight answers questions you always want to ask a pornstar

There are always a ridiculous amount of interviews with TV stars about their shows and the experiences they have on them, but what about our favorite pornstars? Well, as it was, we talked to TS Laela Knight and got the answers for some questions you may always wanted to ask a pornstar.

TS Laela Knight is a well-known trans model, playing major roles in the adult industry. She is back into the world of best adult entertainment with fire that you have never seen before…

Ts Laela Knight

What do your family and friends think of your decision to work in porn?

“My family and friends were initially a little taken aback by my decision to work in porn, and when some of my friends found my content, they stopped being friends with me. By working in this industry, I found out who my real friends were and who I could rely on to stick by me.

I believe that the only people who would end a friendship over something like what I do for work are people who are insecure and not worth it anyway.

Everyone else in my life is very supportive and I am lucky to have them.

They are just as excited as I am for what the future holds.

“The majority of people have been quite supportive of my career choice. I think more people were surprised that you can actually make a living out of posting content online. The support of my family has definitely kept me going through my journey.”

Ts Laela Knight

Has working in the adult industry made you more aware of your sexual health?

 “Definitely yes. When you see you see yourself on camera, you become more aware of these things. Especially when it comes to working with other models in the industry, it is important to stay safe. I also looked at porn for sexual knowledge, and I know that others still do so too. It is important to set a good example for my viewers.”

Ts Laela Knight

Have you ever had a partner that just couldn’t deal with your job?

“There have definitely been times where my partners would have a difficult time knowing I was with other people in my content.

I always aim to be transparent in my relationships about my work, so I am not hiding anything.”

Are there things you do at home that you won’t do at work or vice versa?

“The majority of my content will show what I also do in the bedroom in my own time. I will be more vocal on camera, and generally I feel more in my element when it comes to my own time rather than on camera.”

Ts Laela KnightHave you ever fallen for a co-star?

“As I mentioned before, some of the models I work with are my partners, so definitely yes! I adore my co-stars.”

Is it all acting, or do you get any sexual pleasure?

“There are many things to be worrying about when you are filming a scene such as angles, lighting, length of the video and the story.

There is definitely sexual pleasure that I experience during filming, however most of the time I am focused on getting a good shot for my viewers.”

“For the most part, the sexual pleasure is real, but the angles and cameras do make the experience feel less authentic at times! I feel like the product would not be as good if it wasn’t at least a bit authentic.”

What do you say to people who say porn is giving men an unrealistic view of sex?

 “I do not think that porn gives an unrealistic view of sex at all, but I think that the more unrealistic aspects of this content may be turning men on. If you like certain aspects of content, you just have to find someone who shares these interests. It is not unrealistic because there will always be someone out there who shares these interests.”

What else would you be doing if not this?

“Before this, I didn’t really plan anything in my life. I am still young, and I have been doing this as a career for a bit now but would like to get into trans modelling possibly in the future, while still continuing this type of content. I have always liked being in front of the camera, so both of these works well for me.”

Ts Laela Knight for you


Thank you TS Laela Knight for your time!
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