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“Using Trauma to Thrive” is Baz Porter’s Mix of Memoir and Self-Help Book

Baz Porter


“Using Trauma to Thrive” is Baz Porter’s Mix of Memoir and Self-Help Book

Leading motivational speaker + transformational coach Baz Porter is now set to release his new book “Using Trauma to Thrive” on 12/12/20. The book is a mix of self-help and memoir, going through his life story and giving readers important steps and lessons they can incorporate into their own life.

Baz’s inspiring story is now finally being told in book form, and this means more people will be able to learn about and benefit from his teachings which he as integrated with his personal experiences. Using a relaxed, conversational writing style, Baz ensures that the book is approachable by absolutely anyone who is ready to learn his story and enlighten themselves.

Written over 8 months, Baz was determined to make sure that the book is relatable and enjoyable for people to read. Looking back on and analyzing his life story thus far was no doubt exciting for Baz, and it will be incredibly eye-opening for readers as they see how he overcame and started to thrive despite the adversity he has faced.

Already enjoying a global reputation for his speaking engagements and coaching, Baz is now set to expand his influence even more with the release of “Using Trauma to Thrive”. Baz is eager to connect with a bigger audience through his story and experiences, helping them to achieve a new sense of freedom and empowerment in their lives.

The book has been written with a diverse audience in mind, so anyone can pick it up and get something beneficial from reading it. There’s no doubt that readers will find Baz’s story inspiring and become motivated to applying his teachings to improve their lives.

“Using Trauma to Thrive” can be pre-ordered here and is available in both hardcopy and digital.

Baz Porter - Using Trauma to Thrive

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