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How the work of psychic medium and clairvoyant Nancy Mello benefits both people and animals

Nancy Mello


How the work of psychic medium and clairvoyant Nancy Mello benefits both people and animals

Connecticut-based clairvoyant, animal communicator, and psychic medium Nancy Mello is no stranger to skepticism. Whether it be from those who strictly stick only to what is currently understood by science, or those with strong religious views, Nancy has dealt with all kind of abuse since she went public with her abilities.

To her credit, Nancy does not allow these detractors to distract her. Nancy does what she does because she’s seen firsthand the way her work benefits her clients, be they people or animals.

Early in her work as a medium, Nancy received feedback from a client who said that 1 hour with her was like 10 years of therapy. By leveraging her abilities, Nancy can help people bridge the gap with their deceased pets or loved ones, allowing them to gain new understanding and move on from the pain that they have been carrying around with them.

Nancy’s clients often cite that a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders after their session with her. Even briefly reuniting someone with a pet who has passed can bring that person a huge sense of closure that allows them to move on and get another pet without guilt.

One of the most important services Nancy provides is helping people connect with and find their lost pets. For Nancy, this is one of the most rewarding parts of the work she does, as she can have a direct impact on finding the lost pet or helping people move on if the search needs to end.

Nancy even does personal readings with people to help them understand themselves better and identify a new direction for them to go in. Nancy loves it when her clients have the “aha” moment, where everything starts to make sense, and they can go out with newfound confidence.

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