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What is passive income and why is it so important for entrepreneurs? Tanisha Jamison of Hood2Heights can demonstrate

Tanisha Jamison of Hood2Heights


What is passive income and why is it so important for entrepreneurs? Tanisha Jamison of Hood2Heights can demonstrate

Believe it or not, passive income is how most millionaires make the majority of their money. So what exactly is it? Why is it such an important part of becoming a successful entrepreneur? Tanisha Jamison has created several successful businesses and swears by passive income as the ultimate means of money making. Her latest endeavor, Hood2Heights, aims to spread awareness of passive income as a way of earning and is inspiring women to follow their dreams in order to achieve this goal.

So first of all, what exactly is a passive income? A passive income is defined as money that is earnt from a business in exchange for little or no time. Tanisha earns much of her money this way, and hopes to show other women that they too can change their lives and achieve this. The tools and techniques that she provides with her business Hood2Heights is invaluable for navigating this process and growing a business in a way that means that this passive income can be achieved.

Tanisha’s journey to a passive income began at the young age of 19. Her first business was a nanny service and this eventually led her to develop her second business, an at-home day care service, by the time she was 24. Her passion for childcare was something that she wanted to pursue and was the foundation of her early entrepreneurial efforts. By 28, Tanisha had begun two more businesses and was well on her way to having passive income as her main source of earning money.

Tanisha Jamison of Hood2Heights

Tanisha’s entrepreneurial successes were largely due to both her dedication to creating an ideal life and the guidance of successful female entrepreneurs that had come before her. This guidance, along with advice stemming from her own personal experiences, is something that Tanisha now aims to share through Hoods2Heights so that other women can achieve the successes that she did. Hood2Heights consists of three main features. The first feature is a series of masterclasses designed to motivate women and teach them the skills and mindsets needed for developing a successful business with a passive income. The second feature is access to the eBooks that Tanisha has authored.

This includes her best-selling book Passive Income Mastermind and will soon include her latest work From the Hood to the Heights, an auto-biography that is scheduled for release later this year. The third feature is the opportunity for a one-on-one coaching session with Tanisha. This allows her to give you personalized advice based on your unique situation to help you rise above and overcome the challenges standing in your way.

Earning a passive income is possible with the guidance of Tanisha Jamison. Her main goal is to help women get out of a draining nine to five job and instead start living the life that they have always dreamed of. Her program Hood2Heights contains a wealth of information that has been condensed into an informative and accessible format that is both affordable and beneficial for women looking to become high-earners.

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