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6 skills required to be an effective entrepreneur

skills required to be an effective entrepreneur


6 skills required to be an effective entrepreneur

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is no easy-feat. In fact, it’s an industry and career that is often tainted with failure and misfortune. This is because a lot of people get into the world of entrepreneurs for all the wrong reasons. If you think this type of life is all about the luxuries, success, opulence and fancy venues, then think again. There’s a hell of a lot of hard work, dedication, long days, fatigue and, at times, burnout. So, if you think you want to become an entrepreneur, here are several skills you should master and hone, in order to get the most out of your chosen career.


You can’t be a successful entrepreneur without being completely dedicated to your cause. There are no two ways about it. There are many great examples of real entrepreneurs that reflect such sentiments. Indeed, Amel, a young entrepreneur from Norway, has hundreds of thousands of YouTube followers, all because of his dedication to his business ideas.

There will be long days, a lot of meetings and a lot of backpedalling in order to achieve your goals. But at the end of the day, if you are dedicated to your goals and understand how to achieve them, you will find success.

Goal setter

It can sound a bit cliché and facetious, but it is crucial that you have set goals for certain periods or activities. Without having a clear direction or idea as to where you want to proceed with a certain product or investment, then your idea is doomed from the outset. Having these benchmarks is great for when it comes time to evaluate your efforts or look at areas to improve. You should always be looking to improve, no matter how good things may seem.


Another must-have entrepreneurial trait is perseverance. There will be times where things go awry, and often, they are completely out of your control. You can’t control market dynamics or external responses to events that could change the course of your success. All you can control is what is within your scope of operations. Leverage your capabilities to the best of your ability and always have straightforward exit strategies. Remain confident and optimistic because cynicism will add nothing constructive to your outlook.


It’s often an understated quality yet there’s no doubt that it is a very important one to have or at least learn to master. Being curious and willing to engage with new business ideas is central to long-term business success. You need to be able to discover new things, foster great and original ideas, while devising solutions to new problems. You don’t necessarily have to have the answer to all problems, but you must be curious enough to try.


Above all else, if you ask any entrepreneur, they’ll tell you that being able to work efficiently is an incredibly important trait. You need to be able to switch your focus to several different things throughout the working day and you won’t always be able to clock off at 5pm. In fact, if you’re working across international borders, expect some late nights communicating with foreign investors or business owners like yourself. It’s all part of the profession.

Strong networking acumen

Lastly, it is crucial that you develop a strong acumen for networking. At the end of the day, you can’t do everything. There will be times where you will need assistance from others, whether it be in the form of financial assistance, resource support or even just general consulting. Networking is easy once you get the hang of it, however, if it is something that you feel you need to improve on, practice makes perfect. Simply attend different business events, trade shows and other networking functions in order to increase your vocal confidence.


So, if you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, don’t hesitate and start brainstorming. While it might take a while for that million-dollar idea to arise, if you work on your business acuity, you’ll have the skills to fully utilise your great ideas.

Veronica Mak

I'm a New York-based journalist covering business, celebrity and entertainment news at Josep Vinaixa. I hold a master's degree from New York University of Journalism.

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