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He’s a Smart Malik! Who is Saqib Malik?

Malik is a young entrepreneur raising the bar for some of Pakistan's biggest entertainment stars.


He’s a Smart Malik! Who is Saqib Malik?

We love keeping an eye on the hip and trendy rising stars of media, here’s one who we think will do great things this year! 

At just 19-years old, Saqib Malik is a young entrepreneur who has his sights on raising the bar in a big way for Pakistan’s top entertainment stars.

Malik is the CEO of Prestige Perfections — a top-rated digital media corporation aiming to build the careers of artists, celebrities, and influencers.

Malik’s mantra: “Smart work has always got the upper hand over hard work,” echoes throughout his daily operations. Malik told the “prestigious” Daily Times“It is all about how you progress and give the best to your clients and the end-users.” 

Based in the UK, the rising media star began his career as a full stack developer who later made his foray into the music industry. He had a deep interest in “Information Technology,” honing his skills, that in effect, he made his name in the digital marketing world, quickly rising to the top in his profession.

“It is all about how you progress and give the best to your clients and the end-users,” Malik told The Daily Times.

As the founder and CEO of Prestige Perfections, Malik has many developers in Pakistan who are remotely working to create more job opportunities in the country, and more jobs equal a better economy.

Smart Malik! Media mogul Saqib Malik is building careers

He is a man with many business interests, including the internationally acclaimed website ‘Clout News’  at his fingertips — hailed as one of the fastest-growing news sites in the world. 

Featuring celebrities, film stars, and the latest market trends, “Clout” produces news that keeps its readers updated daily. In the past few months, the website has seen a spike in traffic with a strong presence on Google News.

The savvy media mogul has experimented at several things out of which celebrity management and public relations is a string he adds to his bow.

More recently, Malik has been involved in helping to develop the careers of elite artists and brands, that include Juicy J, Chloe Crowhurst, British entertainment personality Sean Borg, Billyracxx, DJ Shadow, Pitbull, and many more. 

When most every young teenager is out partying, Malik was out there doing business. Malik said: “I think maturity hit me at a very early stage. Things just happened with the flow. I took a lot of responsibilities on me at a very early age, and that’s the sole reason behind my success.” 

The result? Malik is fast becoming one of the hottest and youngest entrepreneurs of our time. 

Now, Malik intends to build and promote the  showbiz stars of Pakistan worldwide, taking the global market by storm..

His hunger for knowledge and determination, we think 2020 is going to be a big year for Saqib Malik and Prestige Perfections.

Adrian Cody

Adrian Cody, journalist and editor at with massive admiration to music and its craft.

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