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Christopher Senekki’s Instagram We Style The Street is growing its audience of fashion-conscious men

Christopher Senekki
Christopher Senekki


Christopher Senekki’s Instagram We Style The Street is growing its audience of fashion-conscious men

It’s no secret that most men are less in-tune with the fashion world than women, but this has been changing over the decades. One of the people who is doing their part to inspire men to think more about their outfits is Christopher Senekki, a fashion enthusiast with over 25 years’ experience, and the creator of the We Style The Street Instagram page.

Christopher’s style, as reflected through We Style The Street, is one that focuses on the ‘casual modern gentleman’. In essence, Christopher’s followers seek his advice in adding a touch of class to their street style, allowing them to enjoy the confidence that comes with looking sharp every day.

The page has already amassed over 100,000 followers from around the world. There is a common theme connecting many of the men who follow Christopher’s posts – they want inspiration and advice about how to curate their own street style that works specifically for them.

The main content on We Style The Street is photo layouts of different styles that are current, offering inspiration to followers on how they might like to dress. Each month, Christopher challenges his followers to try to replicate the looks they like best and tag him in their posts. He then shares the best photos he finds on the We Style The Street page story.

This is no doubt very motivating for men who want to improve their confidence through street style, or men who just want to find new ideas to add to their outfit collection. There’s a diverse range of men’s street styles on display via We Style The Street, and the gallery is always expanding.

In this way, Christopher Senekki has created more than just an Instagram page around men’s fashion – he’s created a community that makes a positive impact in encouraging men to find confidence through their street style.

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