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How Social Nature Movement Combines Outdoor Adventure with Team Building

How Social Nature Movement Combines Outdoor Adventure with Team Building


How Social Nature Movement Combines Outdoor Adventure with Team Building

Spending time outdoors is ideal for many reasons. Nature has many amazing qualities including not only its beauty, but the opportunities for personal growth that it affords. Social Nature Movement is a company that strives to utilise nature’s power to strengthen bonds between groups. They offer a range of unforgettable experiences so that you can enjoy New Zealand’s beauty while embarking on a fulfilling journey with your team.

There are a range of programs available from Social Nature Movement, all with the key goal of providing memorable bonding experiences for you and your team. The tours that they offer are unmatched and our customisable to suit any group. Whether you are looking for an opportunity to build your corporate team’s relationship, educate school groups, or simply have an enriching weekend away with friends and family, Social Nature Movement can create the ideal experience for you. Tourists and locals alike trust them to educate them in a multidisciplinary way.

They cover all of New Zealand’s most significant natural landscapes with their packages. Whether you want a land-based adventure, a water-based adventure, or even a snow-based adventure, the friendly team can advise on the ideal tour package to meet all of your group’s needs. If you are unsure of what kind of adventure you want and want to fully embrace the unpredictable nature of outdoor experiences, you can opt for Social Nature Movement’s mystery package. They will surprise you with a customised itinerary that they are sure you will enjoy.

Social Nature Movement can organise everything for your trip, including itinerary, accommodation and gear. Their cost effective packages ensure that you enjoy a comprehensive tour from a knowledgeable guide. If you need to hire any equipment for your adventure, their store has plenty of options available. On top of this, Social Nature Movement can organise accommodation in the form of glamping if your group is in need of it. This option is enjoyed by many corporate groups and even by private events such as weddings.

It is no surprise if you get an unshakeable taste for adventure with Social Nature Movement. They have guide training sessions available if you want to pursue a career in outdoor exploration as a guide. The knowledgeable and passionate team will pass on all of their valuable experience to you so that you can continue their legacy of helping people combine nature with genuine human bonding experiences.

No matter where in the beautiful country of New Zealand you would like to explore, Social Nature Movement hosts tours in the most memorable places. From the North to the South Island, you can enjoy activities and adventures in some of the most stunning places in the world. When undertaking a journey with a group of people, you are sure to bond in unbreakable ways. Social Nature Movement’s key mission is to foster these relationships and teach each and every one of their clients about the beauty of outdoor adventure.


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