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Joestar announced he is droping a mixtape called space boi



Joestar announced he is droping a mixtape called space boi

It’s been a year since Joestar first Ep called (5$tarr). He now has branched off from going to professional studios to recording himself at home. Starting with the song “circles” that accumulated about 10 thousand views overall then another banger called “riot” now taking the more independent route let’s see what his new project has to offer

1.what can the fans expect to hear on this mixtape (space boi)?

You can expect to hear experimental sounds because the whole project is engineered by me different flows different and different vibes. Like this project is not going to have once specific sound it ranges from chill vibes to trap,hiphop you have any features on this project?

The track list is not completed but this project will most likely be solo maybe with 1 feature

3.when’s the release day of space boi ?

There’s not date yet but when I finish it and I feel like it’s the right time ima drop it that’s the perks of being an unsigned artist you move when you want to did you come up with the name space boi for your mixtape ?

I got a lot of beats that gave me space vibes… my name is Joestar which means ima star in space hence why it’s called space boi you gone feel like you out in space listening to this project are y’all ready for this trip? does it feel to see your career growing so fast?

It’s feels good and I appreciate all the people who generally support me but I’m not satisfied yet and I’m not where I want to be rn but it’s motivating

6.would you get signed if you get offer from a record label ?

Yeah for the right price.

7.what is your recording routine?

I load up all the beats I get from producers than after I pick the one I’m vibing with the most I roll up a blunt and press record… I usually just freestyle everything bar for bar much unreleased songs do you have?

Honestly can’t even count I basically record at least 3 tracks a week and that’s when I’m not in grind mode but most of them not going to drop cause I know I could make better.

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