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Keanu Reeves goes public with first girlfriend in decades

Keanu Reeves goes public with girlfriend Alexandra Grant. Photo: Mark Dunne | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0


Keanu Reeves goes public with first girlfriend in decades

The universally loved, down-to-earth ‘people’s celebrity’ Keanu Reeves has warmed everyone’s hearts by behaving affectionately with business partner Alexandra Grant at a film gala in Los Angeles. The 55-year-old Keanu and his new girlfriend stayed touching the whole time and posed for a lot of photos. Keanu seemed visibly happy and proud of his new relationship.

Keanu has historically never been seen in the Hollywood dating scene for the entirety of his 35-year career. This news confirms weeks of rumours that Keanu and Alexandra were starting to date one another.

It seems as though what started as a business collaboration between the two has blossomed into a romance. Alexandra originally connected with Keanu when she produced visual art for Keanu’s poetry books. The also share ownership of publishing firm ‘X Artists Book’s’.

Keanu has had tumultuous and tragic love life in Hollywood, with the tragic death of his partner Jennifer Syme only a year after she had given birth to a stillborn daughter, they named Ava. This, understandably, had a major effect on Reeves and likely explains his less active love life when compared to other male movie stars.

Keanu is famously humble and adored for his ‘down to earth’ and sincere approach to celebrity life. He does not flaunt his wealth and was renowned for donating a major percentage of his revenue from the Matrix films (arguably his most famous enterprise) to charity.

Now, Keanu is very much back in the spotlight as an A-list actor and has enjoyed a resurgence in interest thanks to the cult John Wick trilogy. He is set to return to his role as Neo in the upcoming 4th Matrix film. Keanu says he had read the script for the new film and says that it is appropriately ambitious.

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