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Miley Cyrus rocks stunning Tom Ford inspired thrift look

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus. SOurce: Instagram @mileycyrus


Miley Cyrus rocks stunning Tom Ford inspired thrift look

The pop (formerly country) star Miley Cyrus isn’t too good to shop for unique outfits at thrift stores and recently showed us how good she is at picking out a winning outfit from second-hand clothes! On her Instagram, the famous singer posted some photos of herself rocking the vintage pieces she discovered at undisclosed thrift store.

Thrift shopping and finding a great ensemble can be difficult – but that’s the fun of it right? Miley certainly had fun picking out her vintage look that’s very reminiscent of Tom Ford, something she acknowledged in her photo’s caption “Tom Ford but make it thrifty 🖤 (previously loved / owned clothes = most sustainable fashion source).”

The outfit was made up of a fringed black jacket, black tee and black skinny jeans. The sexy, pseudo-western simplicity of the look definitely suits Miley’s personality and attitude. The look was finished with a vintage Tom Ford hat and a pair of black suede boots.

She seemed to make a point about being sustainable with fashion and buying used clothes rather than brand new ones. It’s good that she is encouraging her fans to look for fashion inspiration anywhere and everywhere, rather than assuming that a high price tag means it is the best.

While Miley has had a tumultuous time in the public spotlight, she seems to have settled into a mature and confident self that, rather than being subdued or restrained, its more comfortable in her own skin. Don’t be surprised if you see this look more often over the holiday season!

And, hopefully Miley’s caption can inspire more people to look in thrift stores for their next outfit rather than buy a new one wholesale.

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