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Reasons when you should be using a virtual phone system over a traditional phone system



Reasons when you should be using a virtual phone system over a traditional phone system

Traditional phone systems have been one of the key aspects of any business when it comes to running a business operation. They help employees to communicate with each other across departments, as well as make outgoing calls to clients and customers, and take ingoing calls. In offices in the past, you would definitely see phones stacked onto every table and cubicle, as they were essential to the business operation. However, times have definitely changed. Within the modern age, virtual phone systems have replaced traditional phone systems as the new way of communication in a business, due to their increased efficiency and effectiveness at doing so, and the myriad of functionality they bring to the table. A virtual phone system is defined as any single platform which combines the functionality of a traditional phone system into one software, which users can access from any device in order to use the functions.

For many people, virtual phone systems are used in order to make outgoing calls and take ingoing calls through a platform which is based on their existing hardware. For example, they can install the software on any device (Android, iPhone, computer, etc.) and access the software. They can then see who is online and message them, or make outgoing calls to phone numbers and take ingoing calls from phone numbers. It also allows them to transfer calls to other employees from clients with a simple push of a button, rather than having to remember extension numbers and phone numbers. This functionality combined into one single platform makes the business much more efficient in its communication, and access is not limited to those with existing phone hardware.

Here are some ways to tell if your business needs a virtual phone system setup.

You need to call a lot of clients and customers

If your business is very customer facing, and you need to make a lot of outgoing calls and take a lot of ingoing calls from clients and customers, then a virtual phone system is definitely required. A virtual phone system like Talkroute allows you to make outgoing calls and take ingoing calls with the press of a button, and the layout is easy to navigate in a visual way on your screen rather, than looking at a phone. It can also make it easy to label numbers and see who is actually calling you, which is especially important for when talking to clients. You will be able to greet them knowing that it is them calling due to their label, making your business seem much more professional. A virtual phone system has so much functionality which is important to a business that relies on clients and customers, and as such it is essential that they have it implemented into their operation.

You lack communication within your departments

Communication within departments is important, as you need to be able to have communication with each other otherwise you can make decisions that are not strategic for the business. An accounting department needs to be able to communicate data to a finance department, and a sales department needs to communicate data to a marketing department. If they do not, it can be hard to make decisions which will be in the best interests of the business. For these reasons, a virtual phone system can be immensely helpful. A virtual phone system allows all users to be able to connect to each other with ease and see their availability. By being able to instantly connect to your peers through a single platform you all share, you can ensure data is being shared in real time, as well as communication being easy to access when needed. You can also transfer calls through this platform to others within other departments, ultimately increasing the communication within departments overall.

You want to decrease costs within your business spending

Any business wants to decrease costs within their business spending, as this will help to retain more profits for themselves. Traditional phone systems involve a significant amount of costs, as they have to be bought and installed. This involves having holes cut into walls in order to allow wiring to be pushed through walls into different departments, as well as paying the installer to do the job. As the business grows, this process has to be repeated over and over, and the costs can stack up. With a virtual phone system, all you have to do is purchase the software and the tier that you want to use, and then install the software onto devices you want to use and there you go, users can now access the functions. As your business scales, your virtual phone system simply needs to be installed on further devices and the business can continue to operate. This scalability is so important when it comes to small and medium enterprise businesses, as they will be experiencing their earliest growth stages where the faster growth happens, and scalability of infrastructure is of the utmost importance. If you are looking to decrease costs associated with your business spending, then a virtual phone system is definitely the way to go.

If you want to stop repeating yourself over customer inquiries

Many businesses face the same challenges of customers asking the same questions over and over again, and the time taken by employees having to answer these questions is significant when added up over time. With a virtual phone system, there is functionality that allows you to have an automated response to questions that are repeatedly asked. A bot can be set up to allow customers to press buttons based on what their questions are about, then speak the question, before an automated system answers them. This is a very popular method with large corporations, as they simply do not have the time to answer these types of questions. However, that should not stop you as a small to medium enterprise, as the problem for you is just as valid.

You want to look more professional

If you want your business to look more professional, then a virtual phone system is definitely worth investing into. A virtual phone system is used by the large corporations and has so much added functionality in comparison to a traditional phone system that you will have to look more professional. Clients and customers will recognize the ability to transfer calls, conceal identity and add people to calls with ease, and know you are using a professional system, and thereby they will recognize your business as being much more professional in comparison to using traditional phone systems. Looking more professional is ideal for any business as it also means your business brand awareness and reputation will increase, which will ultimately help your business overall.

In summary, virtual phone systems definitely trump traditional phone systems in terms of functionality and what they can bring your business. There are some signs to be looking out for to determine whether or not your business need virtual phone systems. These include being customer facing, wanting to decrease costs, if you have repeated customer questions and if you want your business to look more professional.

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