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Why Accredited and Non-Accredited Investors DM Marko Vrzic on Thanksgiving

Why Accredited and Non-Accredited Investors DM Marko Vrzic on Thanksgiving
A Brooklyn development site with Marko Vrzic and Kayan Vrzic


Why Accredited and Non-Accredited Investors DM Marko Vrzic on Thanksgiving

In today’s economic climate, it’s exceptionally difficult to know who to trust, especially with your family’s hard-earned wealth. Thankfully, there are businesses that strive to be transparent and forthright in their dealings, much like Vrzic: a US-based real estate investment company led by Marko Vrzic.

Fortunately for us, Marko was able to take some time away from the office and answer our questions about Vrzic’s values and mission statement.

Marko, what was the primary motivation for starting Vrzic?

We had an abundant amount of requests even on Thanksgiving from the many people we collaborated with through our business transactions to open an accessible fund to both accredited and non-accredited investors. I had to show them my commitment by putting my name as the brand for all these investments.

In the establishment phase of Vrzic, did you encounter any challenges?

Yes, as most businesses will tell you that there are only so many hours that someone can contribute to their passion at work so adding more bodies and scaling the company is always a challenge as I tend to hire slowly and fire quickly. I have a rigorous interview structure that is very unconventional as it potentially interviews the current candidates for future and senior positions and not the current one they are applying.

How does your investment method ensure that families have the capacity to grow their wealth and flourish?

It’s effortless; we are all conceptually in a mutual fund together on every investment, so the more I’m profitable, the more they are too.

Your business model relies on quick selling. How do you uphold workplace productivity?

I have a simple methodology, I do everything today as if it’s my last day on earth and leave nothing for tomorrow. This automatically takes out the need for elaborate calendar reminders, and yes, I exercise this methodology to my fellow employees. Our meetings last typically for 10 minutes if and when we have meetings. I also end up doing as much as I can do in a day versus many things and stretching them out throughout the week.

How does your business remain transparent and honest, especially when compared to your competitors?

Our company is created from a Meritocratic society which requires brutal honesty and transparency; this also means my word has no power over the rest of the staff which provides us tremendous flexibility and speed when brainstorming the many decisions we take in a day. Much like having the muscle of a big Fortune 500 company, but the soul and flexibility of a small one, I believe Jack Welsh said it better.

In what other ways does your business show its commitment to the customer?

My only commitment is to increase our cash flow every day as cash is NOT king, cashflow IS. You need to have an income-producing system in place that keeps generating more. Cash on its own is a depleting expense and any monkey swiping a credit card can spend money, but very few can keep regenerating it without gambling it away or losing it in the stock exchange.

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