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How Joseph O’Connor succeeded in the crypto business

Joseph O’Connor


How Joseph O’Connor succeeded in the crypto business

Joseph O’Connor, also known as “PlugWalkJoe”, is a cryptocurrency adviser and forecaster who has made significant gains in trading Bitcoin. At only 21 years old, his success is unprecedented, and he is an inspiring figure for many young entrepreneurs who want to follow in his footsteps.

But how did he do it? Ultimately, Joseph knew that he was getting into a competitive industry, so he was prepared for significant challenges from day one.

Joseph says:

“It was obviously pretty scary jumping into it at my age, but I knew I needed to take the risk and not look back. I did a lot of research into Bitcoin trading before I got started, but nothing can truly prepare you like actually doing it does.”

Even when Joseph started to accumulate some early wins, there were still plenty of doubts in his mind. Luckily, he knew how to keep himself objective focused and not entertain defeatist thinking.

“I was worried about diving in too quickly and losing everything. While I did lose money the first few times when I started trading crypto, I learned quickly and was able to recover from those losses. It would have been easy for me to give up when things did not initially go well, but I knew that I needed to persevere to have true success”.

Like trading regular currencies, Bitcoin trading requires a cool head and a calm mindset. Joseph trained himself to keep focused and not allow himself to trade emotionally.

Joseph says:

“I knew that currency traders who dealt with dollars and cents needed to keep a cool head, so I did some research into how they coped with big risk trades. It paid off for me in a big way, because I learnt that everyone has lost money before when trading and it’s all about learning from those trades and making better estimations in the future.”

When he started, Joseph had a lot of naysayers who told him that he was in over his head. However, he did not listen to them and instead focused on his goals to prove everyone wrong.

On this, Joseph says:

“Yes, I encountered a lot of negativity when I told people I was trading Bitcoin because they didn’t understand it and were afraid of it. However, I was confident that it was what I wanted to do and was ultimately successful in it.”

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