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Powerful Electrical LLC is quickly becoming Charleston’s most renowned electrical company thanks to the leadership of Stan Davis

Stan Davis


Powerful Electrical LLC is quickly becoming Charleston’s most renowned electrical company thanks to the leadership of Stan Davis

Stan Davis is one of the most sought-after electricians in Charleston South Carolina. He and his team of licensed and experienced electrical experts have built a reputation for themselves as an honest and reliable company that prioritizes the needs and satisfaction of the client above all else. He speaks with us about his business and his mission.

Welcome Stan. Tell us about yourself and how you got your start as an electrician.

Hi my name is Stan Davis and I studied at the Charleston Electrical Contractors Association. I completed a 4-year apprenticeship program there and I also hold a Masters and Commercial Contractors License. I am a licensed electrician and the owner of Powerful Electrical LLC in Charleston South Carolina. I love helping people and guarantee excellent and honest service to my clients.

You own Powerful Electrical LLC. What is it like operating the company?

Powerful Electrical LLC is a joy to run. My team and I have worked, and continue to work, really hard to create a company that people can rely on to provide top-tier electrical work for an affordable price. We have had great success so far with many happy customers and a loyal following.

What kind of services do you offer?

We offer all of your standard electrical services and strive to solve any problem big or small. We love working with clients to find a solution for their needs and are happy to help advise you on anything. Our main services include electrical panel replacement and installation, electrical service upgrades, circuit breaker replacement, recessed lighting installation and GFCI repairs. These are popular services however we are happy to work with you on anything you may need.

You personally manage every project. Why do you feel this is important?

I do. I oversee each project that we are hired for to ensure that it meets code and client expectations. This way I can guarantee that I have done my very best for each and every project and that each client’s unique project is handled carefully and correctly. You can trust us to do everything in our power to solve your problems in a safe and efficient way.

Tell us about what your motto “Personal. Professional. Experienced” means to you.

The relationship with our customers is of paramount importance to both me and my team. Our motto “personal, professional, experienced” captures this. We are a team of fully qualified electricians who are highly experienced in our field. This, paired with our friendly attitude makes for a company that our clients are delighted to use for all of their electrical issues.

What can people expect when they hire you?

First of all, people can expect a free consultation where we will work out the root of your issues. Our helpful and experienced team will put you at ease and set your project up as one that will be as stress free as possible for you. They can then expect the project to be well-executed and carried out on time and at or below the discussed budget.

What makes you different from other electrical companies?

We are the most time and cost effective electrical company in the area. Our transparency about price and the services we deliver means that we are trustworthy and can be counted on to deliver optimal results. Our commitment to our customers really makes us stand out. We also have a 24-hour live chat service available to answer emergency questions at any time for the convenience of our customers.

What inspires you most in your job?

Customer satisfaction is extremely rewarding for me. Knowing that I am helping people and impacting the Charleston community for the better makes me very proud of what I do and inspires me to keep pushing myself each and every day.

Thank you Stan for your time!
You can follow up with Stan Davis at

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