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5-fingered pianist Jerome Jackson shares what inspires him

5-fingered pianist Jerome Jackson shares what inspires him
Jerome Jackson


5-fingered pianist Jerome Jackson shares what inspires him

American pianist and TikTok star Jerome Jackson only has five fingers, yet plays beautifully. Despite having one hand, Jerome was able to teach himself to play by ear, and uses his right wrist to play accompanying melodies.

Jerome has produced and released several songs which are available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music. We had the opportunity to speak with the artist to learn about what inspires his love of music.

Jerome Jackson pianist

Jerome Jackson

What is one word you would use to describe your sound?

Emotional. I try to ensure my musical sound is connected universally to people all over the world, regardless of whether I’m playing a happy or sad song. I want it to resonate with people.

What made you fall in love with music?

I fell in love with music at a very young age, as many artists do. It started for me by simply hearing music play on the radio – I knew straight away that I was being called to create. I appreciate how universal music is as a language, and how it can express every unique emotion so potently.

Which artists inspire you most?

There are so many – I could name names forever! Here’s just a few: Ray Charles, 2pac, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Bob Marley, Elton John, Whitney Houston, Richard Marx, The Beatles, Coldplay and Mob Deep.

What is the meaning behind your song, “Waiting”?

I wanted to share the idea that having patience is a superpower, in a sense. Being able to wait calmly instead of complaining or giving up can lead to new opportunities and offers you mental clarity. Some people consider patience a weakness, but I don’t believe this is true. While going for your dreams is important, so much of life is about the right timing. This means that sometime you need to remain patient and wait things out. Whether this means waiting for your hard work to pay off in a job search, or simply taking the time to appreciate a quiet moment in your life and reflect, patience can be a great thing.

I remember having a dream once – I was in a beautiful, serene place, waiting for something, I heard a soft piano melody repeating itself over and over. This was my song, “Waiting”. I woke up and composed it straight away.

What about the song, “Unsteady?”

“Unsteady” is a song about broken homes and the devastation this can have on children. Sadly, it is often the children who experience the most pain during family conflicts, in large part due to their innocence and deep love for their parents. The message behind this song has strong meaning for me and many people I know, so I felt compelled to cover it. I don’t sing, but I do my best to translate the feeling through the piano.

How did you recreate the song “Someone You Loved” on piano?

I really immersed myself in the song, which wasn’t hard because it was always on the radio! It’s such an enjoyable song – simple yet emotive. And it translates really well on piano. Lewis Capaldi is a great artist; his piano ballads are a lot of fun to play.


Jerome is an inspiration to all aspiring musicians, proving that there is nothing stopping you from achieving your goals if you are dedicated and believe in yourself. To learn more about Jerome and to listen to his music, visit his website or social media profiles. We would like to thank him for his time.

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