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Selena Gomez looks great in her new music video “Look at Her Now”

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez. Source: DFree, Bigstock


Selena Gomez looks great in her new music video “Look at Her Now”

Selena Gomez has just released a new music video to pair with her incredible new song “Look at Her Now”, and the title says it all! Rocking a double leather ensemble, Selena manages to look effortlessly powerful and sexy in the clip. She has been releasing a lot of powerful music lately, taking back her place in the spotlight after taking a break.

In the video clip, Selena wears patent pants (I.Am.Gia Nikole Slacks) and a moto jacket with an ivory bustier and platform shoes. After that, she’s seen wearing a chainmail dress with a diamond choker and knee-high boots. This second outfits definitely reminds everyone of her bestie Taylor Swift’s look at the AMA’s.

The big elaborate outfit of the video is a Fendi bodysuit that looks absolutely glamourous on Selena and is made to look even better with the fantastic lighting and cinematography. This video clip is definitely a perfect source of inspiration for anyone going out this weekend (the song isn’t bad either)!

The simplicity of the clip is a great way to make Selena and her talent the main focus. Rather than distract the audience with a lot of visual gimmicks, its nice to see Selena come out with a no-nonsense but delightful music video.

This new clip definitely pairs wonderfully with the music in re-establishing Selena as a pop and fashion leader in 2019. Hopefully she will continue to dazzle us with even more amazing outfits in the new year.

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