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We rate our top 3 favorite tracks from I Found You by Amalia Kadis

Amalia Kadis


We rate our top 3 favorite tracks from I Found You by Amalia Kadis

Amalia Kadis’ fans have been waiting anxiously for the release of her debut album I Found You. While it was originally teased for a late September release, Amalia Kadis preferred the October 1st release date (01/10).

Now that the album is out, it’s been receiving widespread praise from both fans and critics. We were so excited to get our hands on the album, since we’ve been close followers of Amalia Kadis’ musical career throughout 2020.

The album, which you can listen to here, features 11 tracks, with 4 of them being the hit singles Amalia Kadis released throughout 2020 to high acclaim. Of the 7 new tracks, the following are our top 3 favourites.

Here are our top 3 picks from I Found You by Amalia Kadis.

1.     I Found You

Of course, the album’s title track is the star of the show and features inspiring lyrics sung with Amalia Kadis’ signature smooth vocal style. The trap breakdown towards the end of the track is one of the best bits.

2.     Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry Not Sorry will certainly be known as Amalia Kadis’ signature breakup song, with a quirky and confident vibe to it. The track starts slow but really ramps up towards the middle and the chorus is really catchy.

3.     Kau Sesuatu

This track is special due to the fact it is performed in Indonesian – the native language of Amalia Kadis. It’s a real treat for her Indonesian fans and highlights the fact that the artist is in touch with her roots and wants to honor where she came from.

Choosing the 3 tracks above was so difficult because we love all of them! Make sure you go and listen to I Found You and see what your top 3 tracks are!

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