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Glasses Shop founder Scott Ma talks about his ecommerce business

Glasses Shop founder Scott Ma talks about his ecommerce business


Glasses Shop founder Scott Ma talks about his ecommerce business

The ecommerce storefront Glasses Shop, founded and owned by Scott Ma, has an incredibly diverse range of prescription eyewear and sunglasses available. They also sell speciality items like lenses designed to reduce harmful blue light from TV screens and mobile phones.

Scott was kind enough to answer some questions.

As optometrists, how does this change what you offer on your site?

Based on our years of experience in making eyeglasses, we will judge if there is any mistake or omission in the prescriptions filled by the customers. We reduce losses and improve the customers’ shopping experience through this kind of double-checking.

How have you made Glasses Shop easy for customers to use?

We have “Help Center” and write “TIPS AND GUIDES” on our site to help customers understand how to make an order. We also set a “try on” button on the product pages that customers can easily upload their photos to try the glasses. At the same time, we are trying to take care of every customer with our 14-day return policy.

What kind rewards programs do you have for loyal customers?

Earn points towards future GlassesShop purchases with our Reward Points Program, we think it’s a great way to say “thanks” to our loyal customers. They can earn points in several different ways, and then apply those points to save money on a future purchase.

How have you made ordering easy for your customers?

Our customers only need to choose the frames and upload the prescriptions to complete their orders, then they can wait at home for the delivery of glasses. We will update order status by automatic mails and our customer service will respond to any questions within 24 hours.

What kind of special lenses do you offer?

Our site covers almost all types of lenses. In addition to 1.74 high index single vision lenses, progressive lenses, blue blocker lenses and tint lenses, we also provide photochromic lenses. Those lenses become darken when outdoors and remain clear when indoors.

Are there are other kind of glasses or lenses you want to offer in the future?

Of course, we want to offer more high-quality products. Now we are looking for more fashionable sunglasses and more men’s eyeglasses frames to attract more people to our website.

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