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RuPaul and Netflix drops first look at ‘Aj and the Queen’ drag series


RuPaul and Netflix drops first look at ‘Aj and the Queen’ drag series

The popular video-streaming platform, Netflix and the legendary drag superstar of the world, RuPaul Charles, wants you to take a look at what it takes for drag performers to build their careers from the ground up in a new scripted comedy show, Aj and the Queen

Netflix dropped the trailer for the new show, which is set to premiere exclusively on the platform on January 10, worldwide. The new show promises new looks from the mother queen herself and tells the story of a drag queen’s struggle to make it to the drag scene with a dramatic and comedic relief splattered around the show. 

The 30-second teaser for the show has not disappointed as it showcases the ethereal beauty of Rupaul with stunning looks and a song that she recorded herself. The trailer is serving us a glimpse of the fanfare and the glamour that is about to happen in the show.

Aj and the Queen,  created by RuPaul and Michael Patrick King, follow the life of an aspiring drag queen Robert Lee played by RuPaul. The career’s drag persona is named in the drag community as Ruby Red. 

RuPaul's Aj and the Queen's Poster

RuPaul’s Aj and the Queen’s Poster. Photo: Netflix

The story revolves around the dreams of Ruby Red to open her own drag club and the struggle that comes into achieving it. After years of tireless performances in different drag shows across the country to save the money to put out on her dream, Ruby Red was finally got her shot. 

That is until she met a charismatic grifter (Josh Segarra) and his eye patch-sporting conduit, Landy Danger (Tia Carrere). The duo turned out to swindle Ruby Red and took her money with them. 

After her dreams were crushed by the swindling pair, Ruby Red had to pick herself up, gather enough energy, and start all over. That’s when she started a cross country Ruby Red roadshow – and it becomes the new beginning that she has prayed for. 

During her tour, Ruby Red finds her path cross with AJ, played by Izzy G., a scruffy but street smart 10-year-old. Aj’s story arc revolves around his struggles to escape a very difficult home life until he found his way to meet Ruby Red. With a new relationship forming between the unlikely tandem, the queen finds herself a new role as a proxy parent for AJ. 

The rest of the story tackles the challenges, heartbreaks, and victories as they navigate through tough times and learn valuable life lessons from each other. Aside from the drama and all the shablams that the show promises, viewers will be treated with new performances from RuPaul in every episode. BAM!

The series also features Micheal-Leon Wolley and Katerina Tannenbaum as co-stars. It was produced by Sex and the City producer, Michael Patrick King who will serve as the show’s executive producer alongside RuPaul Charles and Jhoni Marchincko. Aj and the Queen is an MPK Production in association with Warner Bros. TV. 

Here’s a glimpse of the new teaser for Aj and the Queen

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