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TEMPO talks about his music production and work on new track ‘Self’



TEMPO talks about his music production and work on new track ‘Self’

TEMPO is a music producer on the rise and definitely one to keep an eye on. He has forged a unique persona in the current music industry. While his prior tracks have all been instrumental, he has now broken into collaborating with vocalists on his new track ‘Self ft. Kubla Kahn & Shelley Segal‘.

TEMPO was kind enough to answer some questions about music production and his latest collaboration.

What is your background before making music, and how did you get your start?

I started as an entrepreneur in the IT space and was a computer science student. I had around 20 years of experience working with algorithms, big data, data analytics etc. About 4 years ago, I discovered that I could leverage my background in technology and combine it with a passion for music to make an identity that is truly unique for myself and those that I work with.

During this process, I also learnt that there was space for mentorship to aid independent artists. While artists at major record labels get grooming and mentorship, I thought there was a gap for artists outside of that system.

The death of loved ones in my personal life has been a significant influence on me as a music producer. I used to listen to music as a kind of therapy but eventually got sick of hearing the same type of stuff over and over again. Instead of complaining about it, I resolved to be the change I wanted to see and produce music with a different flair, that explores various themes. I did not wish overnight success on social media, only to be forgotten the following week. I have worked consistently in my own music career, and in my mentorship of others, to focus on leveraging technology and finance to create long-lasting success.

Today, I’m delighted to be mentoring with my brand, helping artists become the best they can be.

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How do you implement your music mentoring?

My music mentoring is mainly focused on the principles I taught myself when I got into music production. I did not only educate myself the technical writing and production skills (mixing, mastering etc.) but also on artist management, getting show bookings, doing curated playlists and much more.

Can you tell us about your prior instrumental tracks?

When I started my personal music brand, my desire from the start was to be known for making exceptional beats that would attract collaborators. After self-promoting 4 instrumental tracks across all platforms (mostly focused on Spotify), I started to get feedback.

I have a lot of projects in the discussion stage, but my latest production ‘Self’ is the first collaboration to come out of that process.

How did you end up working with Kubla Kahn and Shelly Segal, and what was it like?

We all discovered each other on the platform SoundBetter, and the project took off from there. We never actually met in-person, as we all worked remotely and sent files back and forth to produce the final track.

Despite us all coming from different countries, we managed to work smoothly together and produce something we are proud of.

What is the SANITY documentary project about?

It’s a totally instrumental undertaking that is an accompaniment to a documentary I co-produced that we named SANITY. It is about a character who is suffering from mental health problems in a place and time where mental health is not understood. It is designed to create awareness about these issues and the consequences of not having any help with them.

What is next for you?

I want to continue building my fan following and continue mentoring independent artists. My goal is to continue establishing a solid foundation in the industry and build a reputation that will attract even more collaborations and students for my mentoring business. Hopefully, my creativity will speak for itself.

Thank you TEMPO for your time!
You can listing to his music at:

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