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Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Oraegbunem discusses her children’s book, “Super Agnes”

Super Agnes - Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Oraegbunem
Super Agnes by Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Oraegbunem


Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Oraegbunem discusses her children’s book, “Super Agnes”

Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Oraegbunem is a well-respected business owner, and recently, a new author of children’s books. Her most recent book called “Super Agnes,” follows the life of a young girl who becomes a child superhero. Referred to as Super Agnes, the protagonist is the defender of young children in trouble or bullied. The book was released in 2019 and has received positive reviews from readers.

Fortunately for us, Annastasia was able to take some time away from her other endeavors and answer several questions we had about the book.

Super Agnes by Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Oraegbunem

Hi Anastasia. What was your inspiration in writing “Super Agnes”?

I got the inspiration from my environment –  I am a mother and an educator. I know a lot about students who can not speak for themselves or are under any form of abuse and bully. I discovered that these students in such challenging conditions find it difficult to persevere and complete their studies. I learned a lot for many years on how to advocate for such students. By the grace of God, I hope to implement the strategies as fictions in Super Agnes story, which will serve as an antibullying advocacy platform for everyone, especially for students.

Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Oraegbunem

Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Oraegbunem

Can you provide us with a general overview or plot synopsis of the book?

The Super Agnes is partially true-life and fiction. The Children’s superhero story introduces a child superhero whose sole purpose is to save kids, children, and young teenagers encountering challenging situations. Agnes wears a superhero costume with an inscription of the letter “A,” alluding to her name. In the story, the children are being bullied or have problems finding their missing items.

Did you find the writing process difficult or challenging at times?

Yes, I did struggle to put down many of my ideas in writing. However, I decided to start with any word, then expanded to a sentence to form a story. It was not easy, but with God’s help, I am glad that I did write a story, and I will continue writing.

For you, was it essential that the protagonist was a young girl helping other young kids?

No, I use the young girl because the story is 50% real-life story of a young girl, and the rest is fiction to engage the audience.

I am aware that many people from different areas of life, gender, and age face abuse in one way or another. The main problem is that the people under bully are often weak to speak up. I used a young girl for the story to represent the image of anyone abused or vulnerable. The reason is that children are dependant on their parents and sometimes may not have the privilege to speak up when they face challenges.

What are your plans in terms of writing? Do you hope to expand the work into a series?

Yes, Super Agnes is a book series, and I apologize to my audience who read book one and could not continue with the story until I published the book two. I did not mean to keep my audience waiting for that long, but I will continue the story in subsequent books because the lines are the real-life story of a growing girl.

Would you consider moving into adult fiction writing or other genres of writing at any stage?

I am currently writing a book in academia that addresses the need to advocate for a group of minorities in our society. Though there will be some fiction in the story, most of the lines will be from experience and review of related literature. My next book is Disproportionate Diversity, and I hope to complete the book before the end of 2020.

Thank you Annastasia for your time!
You can purchase “Super Agnes” here

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