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Ex-TMZ Guy Sean Borg and Lady Victoria Hervey Spotted at the Château Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles

Why So Serious?! 90s Pals: Lady Victoria and Sean Borg have known each other for over 20-years.


Ex-TMZ Guy Sean Borg and Lady Victoria Hervey Spotted at the Château Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles

British model Lady Victoria Hervey seemed happy enough. She exited the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles on Friday, laughing and joking with her close friend, Trivago guySean Borg amid rumors they are both moving back to the UK as soon as the lockdowns ease up, according to the UK’s Sun Newspaper.

Dogs Day Out! Sean Borg and Lady Victoria at the famous Chateau Marmont Hotel with Eli, Olive, and D’Artagnan.

The socialite and the entertainment personality have known one another for over 20 years but spent the past 12 months living in different states due to the ongoing Covid restrictions.

But the pair seemed happy and relaxed walking their dogs in West Hollywood sunshine — Victoria’s dog, a regal-looking Norfolk Terrier named D’Artagnan, and Sean’s dog’s — Japanese Chins, Eli and Olive.

Paparazzi Pals: Lady Victoria spots the paparazzi as she exits the top hotel with close friend Sean Borg.

Rumors have been swirling in the showbiz world lately that Lady Victoria and former TMZ host Sean plan to move back to England in May — after Sean, who was recently outdoor dining in Palm Springs, was overheard telling close friends, “It’s time to go home, I think!”

All Smiles! Dog lovers Lady Victoria and Sean Borg enjoy a Hollywood stroll with their adorable pups.

Lady Victoria is famous for being on the London club scene. In the 1990s, she dated scandal-struck royal Prince Andrew. Over the years, the aristocrat has enjoyed being a top runway model and a cover girl who has worked with leading fashion designers over the past few decades.

Arriving for the Oscars! Sean often accompanies Lady Victoria to high-end Hollywood events.

Sean, who often accompanies “Lady V” to high-end events, is known for his work on the Fox television show TMZ and the famous Trivago Hotel television commercials worldwide.

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